When Do You Ovulate After Your Period

This question understandably is very confusing to a lot of women. This article will help you understand how to determine how soon after your period you can expect to ovulate.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, knowing when you ovulate gives you more control over your fertility goals. While it is tricky to figure out when you are ovulating, the good news is you can figure out the time of month you ovulate, even if your periods do not fall on same day or on the same cycle every month.

When trying to determine when you ovulate after your period, it’s important to understand ovulationWoman at Calendar does not happen in relation to your last period but it happens in relation to the next period you have. Taking the “perfect”t 28 day cycle as our example again,  if your cycle lasts 28 days, you will ovulate approximately 14 after your period and 14 days before your next period.

It gets a little tricky when your not on the “perfect” 28 day cycle. For Instance, if your cycle last 31 days ovulation will occur about 17 days after your period and approximately 14 days before you start your next period.

When Trying to Conceive

Since sperm can live in a woman’s body for up to 5 days, if you are wanting to become pregnant you can start trying as early as 2-3 days before ovulation occurs.  To become pregnant careful tracking and reading the signs of ovulation is important. You’ll need this information to greater the chance you’ll meet your fertility goal.

When do You Ovulate After  an Irregular Period

If your periods seem to come and go as it please, you will need carefully monitor your body as predicting ovulation can become a little tricky to do. You Should read this article: When Do You Ovulate – 5 Ways to Tell  ,to understand the basics of ovulation, when it occurs and how to tell if you are ovulating.

Get to know changes in your body and note these changes on an ovulation calendar. Getting to know how your body changes during the ovulation phase will help you recognize the signs of ovulation and take some of the guess work out of trying to figure it out.

In conclusion

To know how soon you ovulate after your period takes knowing your body.  Track and Chart using ovulation kits, body temperature methods, and observing cervical mucus to understand your cycle.  There really isn’t a solid answer as each woman is different. But as a general rule you can use the information here to get a generalized answer. However, do not use this as the rule of thumb especially if you are trying NOT to get pregnant. Many accidental pregnancies happen because women rely on the information they read versus understanding what their body tells them.


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I hope we have given you some insight in understanding when do you ovulate after period.


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